The Third Pillar of Governance: Leadership and Resources

Once an organization has clarified its strategy and mission, its board of directors needs to enlist resources that are commensurate with the strategic direction in which the organization wants to move.

At Third Sector Group, we point to three such resources that are key to moving nonprofits forward:


The board’s one employee and the person in whom the nonprofit must invest. No one comes to an organization with all the skills necessary to grow. So, an organization must care for and nurture the CEO with annual reviews, investment in professional development, and appropriate attention to succession planning.

The Money
An organization’s money plan needs to lines up with its strategy. At Third Sector Group, we recommend four building blocks:

The Reputation
In order to succeed, nonprofits need their active board members who are engaged, passionate, and articulate advocates for the mission.

Focusing attention on these three important resources will advance strategy and grow the mission!