Powerhouse Governance One-Hour Workshop – Now Available!

We’re very excited to offer our brand new, one-hour Powerhouse Governance Workshop for nonprofit boards and key executives. This electrifying meeting focuses on one of the most challenging and misunderstood aspects of nonprofit management. Offered for an entire board and key nonprofit executives (up to 15 attendees), the Powerhouse Governance Workshop often reveals specific areas where a board can easily and quickly improve with just a little focused work and attention.

Powerhouse Governance Workshop Info

What you get:

  • 5 Guideposts that are essential for any board to know it’s on the right track
  • “Four Pockets” – a simple way to clarify and define individual board roles
  • The 3 Best Practices EVERY board should use
  • Recommended reading for continued board development and self study
  • Relevant and engaging stories from the trenches

Click here for complete info on our Powerhouse Governance Workshop.