Third Sector Group’s principal, Kimberley Sherwood, has extensive fund-raising and capital campaign experience. Before founding Third Sector Group, she worked with such notable campaigns as:

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
$1.9 million goal; goal achieved

Junior Achievement
$13.3 million goal
$9 million raised nationally
$4.3 locally; both goals achieved

Junior Achievement Inc.
$1.6 million goal; goal achieved

Since its founding, Third Sector Group has worked with:

Care and Share Southern Colorado Food Bank
$3-$5 million campaign feasibility study
Campaign planning – complete and implemented
$8.5 million successfully raised

CASA of Colorado Springs
$1.5 million
$1,205,000 secured at public announcement phase

Girl Scouts of America Wagon Wheel Council
Campaign feasibility study

Rampart Range Library
$3-$5 million campaign feasibility study