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Learn to Sketchnote With Mike Rohde Aug. 27!

Sketchnote Workshop with Mike Rohde Godfather of Visual Note Taking Learn simple techniques for dramatically improving your visual note taking skills. This one-day documentation and creative expression workshop is ideal for: Designers Facilitators Consultants Students Anyone who takes notes, especially folks who think of themselves as NON-artistic! When: Saturday, August 27, 2016, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM […]

Better Meetings!

ToP Facilitation Training is Coming to Colorado Springs! We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Center for NonProfit Excellence, The Institute of Cultural Affairs USA, and Kaiser Permanente to bring this training to Colorado Springs! ToP is one of the tools we use — it provides structured facilitation methods to help groups think, talk and work […]

Indy Give! Third Sector Group Threshold Meeting Award

We’re thrilled to have awarded a professionally facilitated four-hour Threshold Meeting™ designed to explore specific problem areas and issues within an organization, culminating in an “Aha!” experience that helps everyone align around what to do next at last Thursday’s Indy Give! Awards Celebration! There were 11 fine organizations that qualified for the award this year and all were […]

Fundraising Friday Video: The Asking Matrix – Passion and Priming

Watch the third video in our series about The Asking Matrix, a great technique for asking face-to-face for anything, be it major gifts, bringing on new board members, or requesting in-kind support. To make a professional in-person ask, it’s essential that you tap into passion (your own and your prospective donor’s), and then prime the […]

Fundraising Friday Video: The Asking Matrix – The People

This episode focuses on the team that should be involved in making a professional and successful in-person ask. This is the second video in our series about The Asking Matrix, a great technique for asking face-to-face for anything, be it a major gift, bringing on a new board member, or asking for in-kind support. You’ll […]

Fundraising Friday Video: The Asking Matrix – Overview

Watch the second of our Fundraising Friday videos. This one is about how to ASK face-to-face confidently and professionally: understand the basics of The Asking Matrix learn the best technique for asking for a major gift, inviting a new board member to join the board, or requesting in-kind support

Fundraising Friday Video: Fundraising Strategy? Start With Income!

Fundraising Friday is a collection of short tutorials from Third Sector Group. These videos are designed to help you learn, understand and use specific tools, techniques and skills. We believe that you can improve your fundraising right away by understanding a key idea and putting it into practice immediately. Here’s the first in our new […]

Powerhouse Governance One-Hour Workshop – Now Available!

We’re very excited to offer our brand new, one-hour Powerhouse Governance Workshop for nonprofit boards and key executives. This electrifying meeting focuses on one of the most challenging and misunderstood aspects of nonprofit management. Offered for an entire board and key nonprofit executives (up to 15 attendees), the Powerhouse Governance Workshop often reveals specific areas […]

Ping Pong, Anyone? – Essential Strategy Workshop Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013

Learn the Way to Set Strategy (Well, the way that actually works!) When it comes to charting your organization’s future: are you and your board/staff playing a ping pong match of “no, you decide what we should do,” endlessly generating lots of “good ideas” and whacking them back and forth with no real movement forward? […]

The Art of the Ask: Free Fundraising Workshop, October 11, 2013

Beg-a-thon? Arm-wrestling with donors? Or, can asking for money be a mutually enriching conversation? If you find these questions intriguing, then please join us for a free workshop on Friday, October 11, 2013. Whether your organization is big or small, at some point you will need to sit down with someone, somewhere, and ask them to invest […]