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On Trees, Roots, and Fruit

I’m just back from finishing up the Deep Roots Funding Workshop at the Pikes Library District in downtown Colorado Springs. We had more than 60 people sign up, and 30 brave souls came despite this morning’s whiteout, blowing snow, slick roads, and school delays and closures. This was the kick-off session for a year-long series of […]

Donor Ecology Changing; Fundraiser’s Must, Too

Recently I asked one of my fundraising clients a seemingly innocent question, mostly out of courtesy: “How’s it going?” “Fine,” she said automatically, without really thinking about it. Then she paused, took a breath and told me that she was not at all sure how to keep fundraising when every prospect she meets has a woeful story to tell. She […]

Paying Commission for Fundraising; Ethical?

Is there EVER a circumstance or situation that makes paying a commission for raising money acceptable? I think not…but what do you say? Today, I received an email from a dedicated leader who is striving to help a struggling organization with a whole host of challenges. Two of the organization’s most pressing issues should be familiar […]

Does Board Size Really Matter?!

Recently, a client mused, “a friend with a lot of board experience told me that anything beyond eight members isn’t beneficial” Seeing the quizzical look on my face, she inquired, “so, what do you think about that?”