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Check Out Fundraising Friday –
Our Video Tutorial Series!

Well, it’s Friday again! Watch the second video in our series about The Asking Matrix, a great way to ask for anything, be it major gifts, bringing on new board members, or requesting in-kind support.

This one is all about the PEOPLE you need on your team to make a professional and successful ask.

Fundraising Friday is a collection of short tutorials from Third Sector Group. The videos are designed to help you learn, understand and use specific tools, techniques and skills. We believe that you can improve your fundraising right away by understanding a key idea and putting it into practice immediately.

Our Aim:

To provide fundraising, strategy planning, and governance assistance that makes a meaningful difference for our clients.

Our View:

Nonprofit organizations are at the leading edge of positive change in the world. In the course of your work, it is likely your organization will come to a crossroad (or many crossroads) either because of a desire to be strategic or due to a crisis. Our products and services are designed to build understanding, create options based on your strengths, and help you implement your new direction.